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Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Bomb Disposal Robots (ROV's)

Allen-Vanguard develops and markets technologies, tools and training for defeating and minimizing the effects of hazardous devices and materials, whether Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear or Explosive (CBRNE). Allen-Vanguard addresses the growing need for governments and the private sector to prepare for and respond to terrorist incidents, criminal acts and industrial accidents.

Allen-Vanguard is committed - through vital partnerships - to providing the intelligence, equipment, training and support to sustain customer capability against evolving CBRNE and security threats.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

The BombTec™ Hook & Line (HAL®) Explosive Ordnance Disposal / Bomb Disposal Rigging Systems provide semi-remote bomb disposal capabilities to EOD technicians. The extensive range of Hook & Line equipment minimizes risk to the technician by increasing the distance between the technician and danger. Offering all the essential functions of an EOD/IEDD rigging system – Move, Attach, Anchor, Reach and Manipulate – the HAL®, with over 35 years field-proven pedigree, provides technicians with indispensable, cost-effective, user-friendly and reliable tools to facilitate bomb disposal. Our range of Hook & Line equipment can be utilized in scenarios involving vehicles, buildings and open/semi-rural areas.

Bomb Disposal Robots (ROVs): Deployed in EOD, IEDD and CBRNE Incidents

Allen-Vanguard manufactures and produces two bomb disposal robots, the Defender and the Vanguard™. The Vanguard™ is a small robot designed to provide mission support for EOD technicians in both law enforcement and the military. It is versatile, portable and can be deployed in EOD/IEDD incidents where access  is restricted, such as the aisle of planes and buses, and underneath vehicles. The Defender is a sophisticated larger ROV constructed from tough titanium with heavy lifting capability. Both ROVs can be deployed in CBRNE situations to carry detection equipment and relay status information back to the ICP, and can be decontaminated for repeat use.

IEDD Training

Allen-Vanguard, through Hazard Management Solutions (HMS), provides high quality C-IED training programs including improvised explosives device disposal (IEDD), weapons intelligence team (WIT), counter-terrorist search and IEDD equipment. C-IED training is conducted for members of the military, police and other security agencies worldwide.

Special Operations Equipment

The Special Operations equipment produced by Allen-Vanguard are packaged selections of equipment designed to perform critical functions such as visual searches, manipulation, handling, attachment, anchoring, reaching and moving. Our Special Operations Equipment can be used for both covert and overt EOD and tactical missions, providing operators with the capacity to diagnose, access and render safe effectively. Portable and lightweight, our kits include rigging systems and comprehensive range of tools for various tasks designed for use by EOD technicians, tactical operators, and search teams worldwide.

EOD Tools and Accessories

Allen-Vanguard produces EOD tools and accessories to further enhance the effectiveness of EOD technicians. From Remote Firing Initiators to Dual Initiators, Allen-Vanguard provides special tools and accessories for the EOD and Tactical need of EOD technicians, most are non-magnetic and non-sparking.

Drug, Contraband and Security Search Equipment

Allen-Vanguard supplies Search equipment especially developed to facilitate the specialized tasks of Search, Access, Investigation and Render Safe Procedures. We provide a comprehensive product range for effective solutions to otherwise difficult or dangerous visual inspection tasks and visual tasks in restricted areas. Our Specialist Search equipment is ideal for drug and contraband searches, close area searches and security searches. Specialist Search equipment is designed for responding to the demands of security and tactical personnel by providing a variety of tools and mirrors to facilitate inspection and searches.

IEDD, EOD Vehicle Equipment Packages  

Allen-Vanguard designs and equips integrated IEDD response vehicles as a convenient means of rapidly deploying IEDD teams complete with all necessary equipment to the scene of an incident. These vehicle packages are customized for local tactics, procedures, and threats, and include all equipment required to successfully accomplish most EOD/IEDD tasks.

Terrorist Intelligence, Research and Analysis

Allen-Vanguard, through Hazard Management Solutions (HMS), monitors, analyzes, interprets and provides on subscription regular reports about the technical aspects of terrorist activities around the world using its proprietary TRITON database – the world’s largest open source database of terrorist incidents occurring since 2000. Constantly monitoring terrorism and related incidents globally, HMS, provides intelligence, research and analysis to military, government and law enforcement agencies.

Bomb Disposal Suits and Helmets (Personal Protection for the EOD technician)

Allen-Vanguard owns the market-leading premier range of Med-Eng™ bomb suits which provide maximum personal protection to EOD technicians during dangerous EOD/IEDD missions. The bomb suits are operationally flexible, providing modular protection in a field configurable platform. The bomb suits are designed to provide maximum protection in CBRNE situations.

UXO- Demining Suits, Helmets and Foot Protection (full body protection for demining UXOs)

Allen-Vanguard owns the market-leading premier range of Med-Eng™ Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) demining equipment provides maximum full body protection against fragmentation, over pressure, impact and heat/flame while ensuring flexibility and user comfort. The Demining Equipment is designed to be used during landmine, UXO and booby trap clearances.  

Ballistic and Blast Extremity Protection (hand and foot protection against unexploded ordnance)

Allen-Vanguard owns the market-leading premier range of Med-Eng™  ballistic and blast extremity protection equipment is designed to protect UXO technicians. We provide hand and foot protection systems to be used during demining activities such as, prodding, searching, reconnaissance, vegetation clearance and excavation. All protection systems are ergonomically designed to provide the user with maximum comfort and dexterity.

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