Adams Industries Inc.

Military Imaging Systems, Helmet Mounted Night Vision

  • Military Grade Night Vision Goggles

'Based in Los Angeles, and founded in 1994, Adams Industries is an established supplier of electro-optical systems to the defence and law enforcement industries worldwide. We offer quick, reliable delivery of low priced, high quality products. Our knowledgeable staff are committed to providing a superior service.

Adams Industries' core products include night vision, thermal and laser technology systems.

Military Imaging Systems

Adams Industries offer a broad selection of military imaging systems and weapons sights ranging from helmet mounts, binoculars and monoculars to handheld, pan/tilt and fixed thermal imagers.  High performance thermal imaging technology is equally suited to applications in law enforcement, security and defence.

Adams Industries also offer an extensive selection of lenses, caps, batteries and accessories, as well as replenishment kits offering replacements for parts that are frequently damaged or misplaced in the field. 

Helmet Mounted Night Vision

Adams Industries supply helmet mounts for ANVIS-6, 9 and 5050 goggles, offering a stable platform for helmet mounted night vision, with protective military helmets. The helmet mounts are adaptable to meet a range of user requirements, and some models accommodate extra battery capacity and infrared illuminators.

The helmet mounts are specifically designed so as not to interfere with helmet communications, and are compatible with a broad selection of helmet designs.


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