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Vials and Infusion Containers

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For many years, Promens Medical Packaging A/S has been supplying primary packaging for infusion and injection to hospital pharmacies in Denmark, Holland, Austria and Germany. In among others those countries, the hospitals have their own production unit which buys and fills the various drugs that are being used on the wards of the hospital.

Also, the filling equipment developed for our packaging does not take up much space, it is easy to change between container sizes and it is even possible to get a machine that can fill both infusion containers and vials.

Promens Medical Packaging A/S knows the large demands also regarding documentation connected to packaging of this type and being certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 we have the full traceability from raw material entrance to the finished product. 

Production takes place under strict hygiene demands and, also some of our packaging is packed in our Clean Room Class C (10.000).

Our product range covers:

  • Infusion containers – 3 different standard systems
  • Polypropylene vials

Please see pharmaceutical international for more information on Promens' Vials and Infusion Containers.

Our packaging is also sold to the pharmaceutical industry world-wide.

Promens Medical Packaging A/S is focusing on safety for the filler, the user and also for the patient.

The T-shaped connector DivibaX® which is unique on the market complies with the above. DivibaX® ensures safe mixing of two drugs, no run back of liquids into the vial, no risk of needle sticks/injuries, no separation of the system after mixing and 100% traceability.

The drugs can be mixed at either the pharmacy or on the ward right before infusion.

Infusion Containers

Promens Medical Packaging A/S is marketing three different infusion container systems

  • Membrane Containers – a plastic membrane separates the liquid from the rubber disc
  • Intra-Con Containers – with two necks; a 20 mm neck for the infusion set and a 13 mm neck serving as an additive port. Intra-Con is also available with only one neck, 20mm.

The ranges are from 100 to 3000 ml.

  • Snap-off Containers – a system with no rubber disc. When emptying the container, the neck is broken. This container type is mainly used for irrigation liquids.

All containers are manufactured from polypropylene and can be autoclaved after filling.


Promens Medical Packaging A/S offers a range of standard vials – all with necks according to the ISO standards:

  • Polypropylene Vials – 2 – 1000 ml

2 – 250 ml with Ø 20 mm neck

100 – 1000 ml with Ø 32 mm neck (may be used for infusion)

The vials are suitable for most liquids and can be sterilised at autoclaving after filling.

Promens Medical Packaging A/S is working with a new transparent plastic material, which withstands irradiation and autoclaving. The barrier properties are close to the properties of polypropylene and the fall-strength is excellent.

Connecting Intra-Con and Vial

Our new connector, Divibax® ensures safe mixing of two drugs. There will be no running back of liquid into the vial, 100% traceability and no separation of the system once connected.

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