Promens Medical Packaging A/S

Polyethylene, Polypropylene Vials, Membrane Infusion Containers

Medical Packaging Specialist

Promens Medical Packaging A/S in Denmark has more than 40 years’ experience with primary packaging used for infusion and injection therapy, sold to hospitals and to the medical and pharmaceutical industries world-wide.

Product range:

  • Infusion containers
  • Polyproylene and Polyethylene Vials
  • Various bottles for medicine and nutrition

Infusion Containers: Intra-con, Snap-off and Membrane

Promens has three different ranges of infusion containers made from polypropylene

Membrane containers, 100 - 3000 ml, self collapsible during infusion.  No risk of air emboli.  Liquid is not in contact with the rubber disc.

Intra-Con containers, 100 - 1000 ml, additive port on all sides.  Self collapsible during infusion.  No risk of air emboli.  Intra-Con containers are also available with only one neck.  Intra-Con to be closed after filling with a rubber stopper and an alu-cap

Snap-off containers, 100 - 1000 ml, self-collapsible during emptying.  Is used mostly for irrigation liquids.

All infusion containers made of Polypropylene can be autoclaved after filling.

Polypropylene Vials - Suitable for Oncology Products

Sizes from 2-100 ml. Promens’ polypropylene vials can be autoclaved after filling.  Can be ETO sterilised if you wish to fill aseptically.  Good barrier properties, i.e. most liquids can be filled into our vials. Promens has a report stating the durability of oncology products in polypropylene.

Polyethylene Vials – Suitable Also for Animal Vaccines

Sizes from 20-1000 ml.  Can be supplied irradiated or non-irradiated.  Polypropylene vials are Is mostly being used in the veterinary industry.

Promens has several animal health customers using polyethylene vials.

Various Bottles for Medicine and Nutrition, with or without Barriers

Sizes from 50-1000 ml.  Promens Medical Packaging A/S has no standard range, however we can offer customer specific bottles with or without oxygen, moisture or light barriers. Promens is supplying various customer specific bottles for both human and animal health medicines and can fulfil any specific need for barrier or no barrier. It is important to us that the packaging adds value to the customer’s product.

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