Nickel-Electro Previews New Baths at Arablab 2006


Nickel-Electro, the UK-based manufacturer of Clifton temperature control equipment, will be exhibiting at the prestigious ArabLab 2006 exhibition, to be held in Dubai from 13th-16th February.

At the exhibition they will be previewing a series of new baths that have been added to the popular Clifton Unstirred Baths series, including the NE1-9 and NE2-9D. These are perfect for heating small height samples such as micro tubes and trays, and also ideal for heating samples in microcentrifuge tubes and for other molecular-biology procedures.

The Unheated Ultrasonic Baths range has also been extended to include three new sizes - the MU-8, MU-14 and the MU-22, introduced in response to requests for larger sizes from both customers and distributors.

Unheated Ultrasonic Baths are ideal for the routine cleaning of delicate or fragile components and glassware such as capillary tubes, where a risk of breakage occurs during manual cleaning. Other applications include sonochemistry, degassing liquids for HPLC work and disruption of cells.

Also on show will be Nickel-Electro's PTFE Xylan coated spatulas and tongs, which offer users a non-stick surface to which very few solid or liquid substances permanently adhere. As it is non-protein binding and does not support biological growth, it is ideal for laboratory applications and offers a unique combination of chemical inertness, purity, low permeability, and toughness. It also has excellent heat resistance and cryogenic stability with a temperature range from -195°C to as high as 260°C.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Nickel-Electro says: "Nickel-Electro has always supported ArabLab, and this year we are especially excited to be exhibiting at such an important time for Dubai. The Crown Prince recently announced the plans for the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, dedicated to promoting links with the global biotechnology industry. This makes the relationships Nickel-Electro has built with contacts in the Middle East even more worthwhile."

All products in the Clifton range come with a 3 year warranty.

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