Save on Shipping Costs with the ExpressCube Dimensioning System

Express Cube Systems - A Division of Global Sensor Systems

ExpressCube delivers low-cost cubing and weighing solutions

Find out how ExpressCube can help you:

  • Save on shipping costs with the ExpressCube Dimensioning System
  • Boost inbound and outbound warehouse and mailroom ROI
  • Accurately dimension inventory for logistics optimization

ExpressCube’s use of advanced technology engineering resulted in a superior product that is more economical than comparable systems on the market. ExpressCube products are precision devices that are quiet, utilize flexible interface communications, and are highly adaptable to a wide variety of working environments. The patented dimensional arrays are safe – there are no lasers used in any of our products.

ExpressCube systems are perfect for regional and national couriers that are currently losing recaptured revenue opportunities because dimensioning and reweighing equipment have been prohibitively expensive.

ExpressCube has economical systems that can interface into your conveyor system with the ability to cube and scan more than 500 boxes an hour. These systems typically generate enough recaptured revenue from dimensional weight (volume weight) to pay for themselves in just a few months of operation.

ExpressCube countertop cubing systems can help eliminate shipping penalty charges by allowing shippers to use their courier’s dimensional weight factor (DIM factor) to accurately determine the shipping weight used to calculate their invoices. Using ExpressCube’s own SizeIt program or our API interface for third-party shipping programs, shippers now have the opportunity to save money by comparing courier/shipping rates for a given dimension, weight and destination.

ExpressCube is the leading high performance countertop dimensioning and weighing system. There are many companies that have low to medium shipping volume or require manual control of individual boxes. If automation is not an objective, ExpressCube offers semi-automated solutions for low-cost cubing that save time and resources.

ExpressCube customers that typically ship hundreds to thousands of packages per week are in the zone for ExpressCube. ExpressCube dimensioning devices are designed to be easy to use and pay for themselves within months. Typical applications include shipping big boxes with smaller or light items: giftware, electronic components, consumer electronics, beauty care, cosmetics, automotive, motorcycle and recreational vehicle parts, promotional merchandise, clothing, etc.

ExpressCube set the standard for freight manifesting. We make the digital scale and tape measure – manual measurements – a thing of the past. Shippers – no matter what their language, math background, skill level, commitment or work environment – get the correct dimensional-based shipping charges right the first time and eliminate costly chargebacks.

ExpressCube delivers low-cost cubing and weighing solutions for:

  • Point-of-sale and point of drop off
  • Mail room
  • Warehouse management
  • Factory shipping
  • Courier
  • Freight
  • Companies employing logistics to manage their warehouse, packaging, and shipping needs

The ExpressCube countertop dimensioning and weighing system is unique in the industry with all of the following attributes:

  • Out of the box and operating in 5 minutes
  • Does not employ lasers so special lighting and safety conditions are not required
  • Does not emit laser light – no long-term adverse effects on the eyes
  • Does not require special lighting conditions
  • Not affected by close proximity of other devices
  • Physical room dimensions do not limit ExpressCube’s use
  • Measures dimensions quickly and quietly
  • Includes free Data Logger softwareDeveloper’s website available for customization
  • Strong distributor network
  • ExpressCube is also significantly less than competitors with no compromise in effectiveness

ExpressCube is now the undisputed state-of-the-art dimensioning and weighing solution.


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