Enviro Technology Services plc

Turnkey Environmental Monitoring Instrumentation and Monitoring Systems

Instrumentation for air quality monitoring and industrial emissions applications Enviro Technology's services cover a wide variety of services from:

Air Quality Monitoring Systems (CAMS)

Enviro Technology has been working with air quality management and meteorological experts world wide. Creating systems and tools to simplify the process.

This empowers local authorities and industries with the tools and knowledge to enable them to provide answers and possible solutions for today's air pollution challenges.

Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS)

With the  introduction of many new laws, directives and acts are designed to reduce, control and minimise industrial emissions to air:

  • These include:
  • Waste Incineration Directive
  • Large Combustion Plants Directive & Solvent Directives

All three of these directives and the implementation of IPPC Permits to various industry sectors have resulted in their being an unprecedented demand for reliable and high quality data generated from Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems or CEMS.

Stack Testing Equipment

Enviro Technology also offers solutions for Stack Testing with automatic and manual, isokinetic stack testing equipment and systems.

Environmental Software and Data Collection

Remote environmental data collection and reporting software is available for air quality and emission monitoring applications.

For air quality or CEMS data that can be collected and reported. The information is also available on the Web for public information. On site and in house training courses are offered as a standard service
or customised to meet customer requirements.

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