Impact Solutions

Expert Provider of Services for the Plastic Pipe and Storage Tank Sector


Impact Solutions have been testing pipes and joints since the early 80's when as part of BP Chemicals they were part of the original team that developed some of the first PE80's in the UK. Since then, Impact has always been at the forefront of pipe design and testing across a wide range of materials including PE, PP, XLPE, PVC, Nylons, PVDF and PEEK.


Impact offers an extensive range of technical services designed to serve the needs of the pipe producer, installer, utility and main contractor i.e. the complete supply chain, which include:

Joint Testing and Failure Analysis
  • Joint Testing & Failure Analysis
  • On-site Technical Support & Training
  • Oil and Gas Operations
  • Storage Tank Testing

Joint Testing & Failure Analysis

Impact operates a 17025 laboratory to carry out testing on electro-fusion & butt fusion joints to water industry standard WIS 4-32-08. Impact is often used as an independent expert in pipeline systems to determine quality of fittings/materials and installation practices to establish the cause of failure in the event of a dispute.

On-site Technical Support & Training

Impact is able to provide a range of technical support on projects including training and project verification. Impact operates globally where high quality, safe installations are required. Often, the scope includes auditing and support across the whole supply chain from resin selections, pipe/fitment manufacture and testing, installations and quality testing and assurance to best relevant standards in the region concerned.

Condition & Lifetime Assessment (PASS55)

Impact performs lifetime assessment for many of the utility companies, both in the UK and globally and can provide expert support on your pipeline. Through this work Impact can support your PASS55 asset management process.

Oil and Gas Operations


Impact has extensive experience of products for use: Down Hole, Flexible risers & Umbilical's, Pipe liners & liquid/gas pipe systems, Complex multi layer pipeline systems and cables for use in aggressive environment.

Storage Tank Testing

Storage Tank Testing

Polyethylene storage tanks are often used for storing fuels such as kerosene and diesel, as well as a wide range of hazardous chemicals. Impact tests to EN 13341 and EN 13575, as well as to the UK's industry standard for plastic oil storage tanks OFST100. These standards include tests for accelerated weathering as well as material tests. Impact Solutions are a CEN notified body for storage tanks.

Impact are experts in plastics which can be used in a variety of construction applications. In operating across the whole of the supply chain, from reactor to recycling.

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