TONI Bird Control

Solutions to Minimize Birdstrike Risk for Aircrafts

  • Solutions to Minimize Birdstrike Risk for Aircrafts
  • Solutions to Minimize Birdstrike Risk for Aircrafts

TONI Bird Control Solutions is a team of ornithologists and animal control operators, specializing in bird control since 2001. Because birds readily habituate to individual deterrent techniques, TONI treats airfield bird control as an evolving process - unlike many other companies that specialize in offering only one particular type of product, we are constantly seeking out new and innovative techniques for bird control from a variety of sources.

TONI provides a range of solutions for every step of the wildlife control process, including detection (with radar or camera-based systems), deterrence (gas cannons, acoustic hailing devices, lasers, robotic birds of prey, and more), and documentation (via tablet-based reporting system). We also offer comprehensive ornithological consulting, an e-learning system for training wildlife control staff to ICAO standards, and a comprehensive airfield data management system. Above all, we take great pride not only in offering the most cutting-edge, high quality bird control solutions on the market, but also in providing solutions that are customized to the unique needs of our individual clients.

TONI offers the following bird control solutions:

  • Lasers
  • Bioacoustics
  • Acoustic Hailing Devices
  • Gas Cannons
  • Shockwave Generators
  • Robotic Birds of Prey
  • Bird-detecting Radar Systems
  • Bird-detecting Camera Systems
  • Tablet-based BCU Documentation System Aerolog2go
  • E-learning System for BCU Staff
  • Comprehensive Data Management System

Airfield Gas Cannons

Gas cannons have been successfully used for bird control in agriculture for decades. Building on this reputation, TONI's gas cannons are designed specifically for airfield use. Featuring a solar power unit, stainless steel construction, and propane fuel, these systems offer a cheaper, long-lasting alternative to pyrotechnics and shotguns. A single unit can cover up to 8 ha of open land. They can be operated singly or in multiple networks of cannons, with up to 80 units controlled by one remote control.

HyperSpike Acoustic Hailing Devices

HyperSpike holds the Guinness World Record for loudest electro-mechanical speaker system. HS systems are available in handheld, vehicle-mounted and stationary configurations, and can be combined with bird detection technologies such as radar to offer a completely automated solution. HyperSpike AHDs can play sound files ranging from bioacoustics, to warning and alert tones, allowing it to function not only for wildlife control but for security measures as well. TONI is the European distributor of USSI HyperSpike products for bird and wildlife control.

Airfield Documentation System Aerolog2go

Aerolog2go is the brainchild of a team of ornithologists, IT designers, and wildlife control specialists wanting to design a documentation system versatile and flexible enough to meet the needs of any airport. The system provides full GPS-based activity logging, programmable routines and tasks, and completely customizable reporting functions. Equipment lists, vehicle status, and the wildlife encyclopedia can all be updated in the field, while the system also automatically identifies high risk points and indicates them on the airfield map to notify users.


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