The Airport Ground Support Systems of Combibox

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When integrating all service technologies at the gate level, CombiBox works with a network of companies which are experts in their fields.With its background in project management, construction and manufacturing, CombiBox is your partner in providing high quality solutions for ground support.

The Service Units

In order to deliver the services efficiently to the aircraft, CombiBox systems incorporate service units for each media that can be centrally located and service many gates. The service units corresponding to each  media are:

  • 400Hz converter
  • PCA service unit
  • Potable water treatment plant
  • Waste water plant

The fresh water and lavatory units can also be centrally located and service up to 15 gates.

Service UnitsThe CombiBox pits

The CombiBox pits are made of galvanized steel and designed and manufactured for 100 years of in-ground use. The pits are load tested and certified for a 100-tonnes of load pressure i e the nose wheel of a widebody aircraft. The pits are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for delivering 400Hz, PCA, Water, Jet fuel and many more service media.

400Hz – Electricity

 The 400Hz system consists of a converter supplying a pit installed close to the aircraft connection point. The
pit contains a light weight cable with a connector.

PCA – Air Conditioning

From the PCA ServiceUnit, air is supplied through an underground duct to the pit which contains a  heavy duty hose.

CombiBox PitsPortable Water

The central potable water plant supplies the pit through underground pipes keeping the water in constant circulation. The aircraft will get the water supply through a flexible filling hose, placed in the pit.

Waste Water

The lavatory system consists of a central vacuum unit connected to the pits. This enables central collection of waste water. Besides a vacuum hose, the pit conntains a flush water hose for tank cleaning and sanitary chemical injection.

Jet Fuel

The fuel is then transferred from the pit to the aircraft by a fuel dispenser truck. The Jet fuel pit in the apron is connected to the airport fuel distribution system via underground fuel lines.

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