Airport Lavatory Service Boxes

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Vacuum for emptying the lavatories and water and chemicals for flushing and desinfection will normally come from an underground pipe system connected to the inlet pipes in the box whereas the aircraft will serviced through a vacuum hose and a water supply hose, placed in the box.

The Lavatory Service Box contains a motor driven hose reel, carrying a vacuum hose for emptying of the lavatory tanks and a flushwater hose for cleaning the tanks and injecting sanitary chemical. The box is radio controlled and the hose reel is mounted in a cassette which can be raised, and replaced for maintenance.

Product information

Example Technical Specifications
Vacuum Hose Diameter300 mm
Water Hose Diameter25mm
Hose length12-15 m
Weight empty box~ 1500 kg

Airplane Lavatory Service Box
Benefits of an fixed lavatory service installation

  • Zero need for trucks
  • Zero need for all truck expenses
  • Drains and fills aircraft lavatories
  • Elliminates aircraft damage from lavatory truck
  • Direct discharge into sewage system
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