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  • L-3 Security & Detection Systems security screening solutions
  • L-3 Security & Detection Systems security screening solutions
  • L-3 Security & Detection Systems security screening solutions
  • L-3 Security & Detection Systems security screening solutions

With more than 50,000 systems deployed and supported around the globe, L-3 Security & Detection Systems (SDS) is a leading supplier of security screening solutions.

For more than 30 years, L-3 SDS has developed and manufactured cutting-edge products using advanced technologies that include 3-D computed tomography; automated, conventional and high-energy X-ray; active millimeter wave imaging; metal detection; and energetic trace explosives detection.

L-3 SDS solutions are used by the aviation and transportation industries, regulatory and customs authorities, government and law enforcement agencies, and commercial and other secure facilities. Applications include the screening of people, vehicles, baggage, cargo and packages for explosives, firearms, drugs, contraband and intellectual property.

Checkpoint Security

L-3's comprehensive family of advanced screening solutions enhance checkpoint security and efficiency at airports and other transportation centers, courthouses, correctional institutions, embassies and other high threat facilities, including commercial facilities.

Whether you need to guard against threats and contraband or are concerned with protecting intellectual property, we have an offering for every entry point of your facility - from the lobby to the loading dock to the mailroom.

Designed to detect explosives, firearms, drugs and other contraband, our checkpoint security screening products incorporate a variety of proven technologies such as automated, conventional, and X-ray; safe active millimeter wave; metal detection; and, energetic materials detection for trace explosives.

Checked Baggage Screening

Freestanding, in-line and multilevel automated explosives detection systems (EDS) for checked baggage screening and parcel screening feature L-3's proprietary CT and advanced technology (AT) and meet the most demanding explosives detection performance, speed and reliability standards in the industry.

From major international hubs to regional passenger terminals, airports around the globe rely on L-3 EDS to enhance security and meet increasingly demanding throughput, infrastructure and cost requirements.

Cargo Solutions

Recognizing diverse cargo inspection needs, L-3's cargo solutions offer customs and security officers a portfolio of configurable high-energy X-ray screening platforms, unparalleled integration and support services that keep commerce flowing smoothly - everywhere cargo travels.

L-3 delivers the industry's most advanced cargo imaging and detection capability - ClearViewTM Imaging - generating cargo views with superior penetration and dynamic range. Our new ClearViewTM Workstation offers configurable image enhancement tools that help operators maximize the accuracy and efficiency of their risk assessments. The result is higher throughput, lower cost of ownership and the highest level of confidence in inspection decisions.

Air Cargo Screening

For more than a decade, L-3 has been providing airports and shippers with a line of conventional X-ray inspection systems for break-bulk, skids, pallets* and ULDs*.

L-3 has several X-ray systems qualified by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for air cargo screening. L-3's portfolio includes small, medium and large X-ray solutions, single and multi-view scanners with an upgrade path from the single to the multi-view. Our equipment screens cargo ranging from containers of fruits and vegetables to electronics, and is currently in operation at shipping, forwarding and certified cargo screening facilities (CCSF) worldwide.

*Subject to applicable regulatory requirements


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