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Kidde Fire Trainers Inc

Symtron Systems inc., Symtron GmbH, ICS International Code Services, and IFTE International Fire Training Equipment Limited are now offering their products under the name “Kidde Fire Trainers”.

Acquired by Kidde plc in September 2003, the group of companies is now the leading provider of live (hot) fire training simulators and centers for firefighting, with offices in the USA, UK, Germany and Asia. Kidde Fire Trainers offers the broadest range of products to meet any fire training needs and will be in a position to provide more timely support services on a global basis.

Kidde training systems include fixed and mobile aircraft trainers, fixed and mobile structural trainers, outdoor and industrial trainers, maritime trainers, and portable pan fire trainers.

Kidde also offers design assistance and extensive support services. With more than 25 years of live-fire knowledge and not a single safety accident, Kidde Fire Trainers has the experience that instills confidence to go along with a truly reassuring safety record.

Kidde has a reputation for delivering innovative training systems, reliably installed on time and within budget. Kidde’s training systems, controlled by computer and fueled by propane or natural gas, allow realistic fire training in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Gas-fueled, computer-controlled systems offered by Kidde enable fire fighters to create unique fire scenarios that are not easily replicated with conventional live fire methods.

The computer-control system creates real training fires, and continuously monitors and regulates the atmosphere within the training space to keep it within acceptable limits. Fires are initiated and, more importantly, can be extinguished by the instructor at the touch of a button. In an emergency situation, the control system automatically extinguishes the fire and ventilates all heat and smoke. The instructor can also do the same by hitting an emergency stop button.

While realistic, safe training is paramount, proper steps must be taken to ease the burden on the environment. Kidde’s training systems have minimal environmental impact, and relieve community and legislative concerns of air pollution and water contamination.

Fire can be fueled by clean-burning natural gas, propane, or butane and the simulated smoke is environmentally benign. Kidde fire training systems have been widely adopted by municipal, airport, and industrial fire departments as well as military and maritime fire training organizations worldwide.

Kidde Fire Trainers has delivered more aircraft fire training rigs than any other supplier, worldwide. Key airport customers include: London Heathrow, Schiphol, New York- JFK, Frankfurt, Berlin, Athens, and Gatwick Airport.

Since the acquisition by Kidde PLC in September 2003, Kidde Fire Trainers has been wrapping-up a number of high-profile projects around the world. Installation of an Aircraft FireTrainer® for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is complete.

This advanced fire training simulator will enhance the emergency preparedness of the airport firefighters at three New York area airports. Kidde Aircraft fire trainers feature realistic, challenging interior and exterior fires, while offering standard or custom designs to meet any particular ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting) training needs.

At Gatwick Airport in the UK, a new aircraft fire trainer is now complete. The propane fuelled live fire training simulator features 36 training fires in and around the full-sized 747 mock up. Varying fire scenarios such as main cabin galley fires, passenger cabin seat fires, fuselage fires, wing and tail engine fires, inner and outer undercarriage fires and fuel spill fires can be created. The training system meets the international standards for firefighter training.

Live Hot Fire Training Simulators Systems
Full-sized B-747 aircraft fire training system installed at Gatwick Airport, UK

Two fire training systems were recently installed for the Brigade Sapeurs Pompiers Paris. The structural fire trainer at Paris – Villeneuve-St. Georges is designed for basic training. The trainer at Paris – St. Denis is designed for more advanced fire training.

Fire Training Simulators Propane Systems
One of two structural-fire training systems installed at Paris fire academies

At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands, a full sized B-747 aircraft fire trainer that contains 20 separate computer-controlled training fires was installed. The trainer includes a large fuel spill fire simulation.

Hot Fire Training Simulators Systems
Firefighters attack a simulated fuel spill fire on a B-747 aircraft fire trainer at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands

Kidde Fire Trainers is part of the Kidde plc group, a leading global supplier of fire and safety products, systems and services to industrial, commercial, aerospace, combustion control and retail customers.

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