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Surges in air traffic around the world have placed increased demands on logistical and operational aviation emergency services, including aircraft fire protection units.  The combination of more passengers and the recent launch of the new Category 10 triple-decker Airbus A380, the world’s largest commercial airliner, mean that many of the world’s airports will need to quickly upgrade their facilities to meet CAT10 standards.  The advent of large capacity, super-sized aircraft also means that airport fire fighting departments must implement new tools and training in order to stay current with established preparedness requirements.

Aircraft Fire Training System

Fire Training Simulator

“The need for realistic fire training is now more vital then ever,” said Louis Orotelli, International Marketing Manager, Kidde Fire Trainers.  “The question, however, has been how to solve the previously unseen challenges associated with this new class of large scale aircraft.  Our response – build the world’s largest aircraft fire training system.”

Kidde Fire Trainers, Inc. has delivered the world's first CAT 10 compliant Aircraft FireTrainer®, full-scale replica of an A380 Type, Simulator.  The "crashed aircraft" configuration simulates a major fuselage split.  The system was completed for the SERCO International Fire Training Centre in Durham Tees Valley, United Kingdom, in October 2007.  The aircraft fire training system features 17 distinct fires, and contains innovative design techniques for increased realism.

Fire Training Simulator

Designing the world’s largest aircraft fire training simulator was not without its challenges, however; and, Kidde Fire Trainers worked very closely with IFTC.  Kidde Fire Trainers utilized its expertise from several other large-scale B747 simulator projects that they completed, such as:  Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, and the Royal Saudi Military Project.

Fire Training Simulator Aircraft Fire Training

Kidde Fire Trainers is the world’s leading supplier of aircraft fire training facilities.  Kidde has delivered more than 170 aircraft fire simulators to clients worldwide.  Kidde Fire Trainers is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

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