Franke Care System Aviation Maintenance Tool Kits: Quality Toolage for Ground Support Communities

Franke Care System

An airport's Ground Support staff work around the clock to ensure that operations run smoothly. In winter, workers battle against freezing conditions in order to keep planes in the sky, while summer brings about challenges of servicing air conditioning systems and maintaining a cool head in baking temperatures. And passengers, while they are the bread and butter of the industry, ever compound the situation by demanding a faster turnaround, so taking all this into account, isn't it essential that your workers have the right tools to do the job?

Franke and Care System (FCS) is run by ex ground support workers and members of the wider aviation community. In a significant development for airport procurement teams, their toolage consultants have used their extensive experience to create specialist aviation maintenance tool kits that deliver on quality, reliability and flexibility. Where as before teams would have to acquire tools on a unit by unit basis, FCS have taken this time consuming process out of the equation, freeing up GSE staff for the work that keeps aircraft flying and passengers mobile.

Aviation Maintenance Tool KitsAviation Maintenance Tool Kits Layers

Aviation Maintenance Tool Kits

FCS provide more than 10  tool kits for a range of high-tech applications, including avionics testing, dent inspection and general maintenance. Tools are sourced from reputable brands, such as BAHCO and SNAP ON, and are forged from highest quality steal for long lasting performance and resistance to extreme weather conditions. Tools included in the kits are wide ranging, for example FCS' BMD Toolbox contains no less than 67 items, each carefully designed for a specific purpose in aviation maintenance, including, but not limited to:

  • Pliers
  • Ratched Screwdriver (Assorted)
  • Screwdriver Flat Blade (Assorted)
  • Hexagon Keys
  • Torch LED
  • Cutter
  • Inspection Mirror
  • Double Hexagon Socket Drive (Assorted)
  • Sliding T-Handle
  • Spinner Handle
  • Ratchet, Reversible
  • Combination Spanner (Assorted)
  • Junior Hacksaw
  • Wrench, Adjustable Crawfoot
  • Measuring Tape
  • Toolbox Trolly

In addition to providing intelligently sourced tools, FCS have taken careful consideration when designing the box for the kits. The toolbox is constructed from an ultra rugged synthetic resin, which provides excellent protection for tools and sensitive testing equipment. In the event that the box is dropped from height, the shock resistant structure will absorb the impact and protect the tools inside.

Avionics Measuring ToolsAerospace Tool Kits

FCS toolboxes are fully waterproof and are also fitted with an air pressure equalisation valve, so that equipment can be stored safely on long haul flights without the risk of pressurisation. In addition, each toolbox and its interior layers are Skydrol resistant.

To ensure easy access to equipment, the toolbox contains assorted levels that are separated out into various categories of tools e.g. level 4 “Pliers” and level 5 “Hammers.” Each level contains a sturdy foam plate, which firmly houses the equipment and highlights if any tools have been mislaid or are currently in use by maintenance staff – showing red if the tool is missing from its designated area. FCS foam also ensures that tools remain in a fixed position during transit, so tools don't become unnecessarily scratched or worn when not in use.

All Franke Care System aerospace tool kits come with a lifetime guarantee, so offer exceptional product value and long lasting specialist support. The company presently provide kits for several major customers, including Airbus final assembly lines in Hamburg. Director of International Sales, Stuart Harrison, highlights the versatility of FCS aviation maintenance tool kits, “clients can come to use for an out of the box solution or we can provide a custom kit for their specific requirements. Either way, they can leave the procurement of industry grade tools to us and we'll create a toolkit which lasts a lifetime.”

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