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Fuel Filtration Systems, Clay Filter Elements

"Quality guarantees Safety" - FAUDI Aviation is specialised in the field of aviation fuel filtration, using the most modern technologies for the research, testing and manufacturing of our products. We operate world wide with one focus: "We want you to feel safe in the air!" FAUDI Aviation recently celebrated 70 years of experience and superior quality.

Our experience and unique production methods ensure highly efficient and cost effective solutions to a range of aviation fuel filtration and separation problems. Having the largest, most modern aviation fuel test rig of its' kind ensures continued product development and dynamic testing of filter elements and systems, under controlled conditions, continuously meeting the requirements of national and international API/EI standards. Our office, production and research facilities are located in Stadtallendorf, Germany.

We service the aviation fuelling industry, civilian and military, worldwide. Whenever Aviation Fuel is transported or stored, dirt and undissolved water will be absorbed and has to be removed from the fuel. Only this filtration process guarantees safety in the air. Our products are constantly monitored and meet all API/EI standards.

Clay Filter Elements

FAUDI Aviation Clay Filter elements remove surfactants, colouring and additives by adsorption and prolong the lifetime of Coalescers.

The Clay Filter elements consist of Attapulgus Clay as Filter media. The recommended flow rate per element is 25 l/min. The Clay Filter elements are mounted in stacks onto a manifold. This ensures an equal flow rate of the fuel through each Clay filter element.

Coalescer & Separator Elements

Filter water separators are fitted with coalescer and separator elements and used on aircraft refuelling vehicles, hydrant dispensers and other mobile fuelling equipment. They are also used in fixed fuelling installations and tank farms. FAUDI Aviation coalescers are commonly used in other branches of industry such as refineries, petrochemical plants and marine applications where high efficiency filtration and separation is required.

Aviation Fuel System: Microfilters

FAUDI Aviation microfilters are used wherever there is a demand for high quality, economic and reliable filtration. They are designed to continuously remove fine particle such as rust, dirt, sand and pipe scale from aviation fuel systems.

These highly efficient microfilters are used at refineries, bulk fuel depots, transfer stations and airports predominantly prior to Filter Separators to protect and prolong coalescer element life.

Monitor Elements

Our monitor elements are constantly tested and approved in accordance with the latest edition of the API/EI 1583, 5th edition, defining specification and qualification Procedures for Aviation Fuel Filter Monitors with absorbent type elements.

They contain less than 15 ppm of free water and less than 0.3 mg/l coverage of solids in the effluent. Our monitor elements work even in the presence of surfactants and additives in the fuel and are fully interchangeable with other EI approved elements.

Filter Vessels & Equipment

The FAUDI Aviation housings for our filtering elements are simple compact units, which can be easily installed and serviced. All vessels are manufactured IAW valid API/EI standards. The vessels are designed to meet individual customer needs and enable easy elements exchange. In combination with the various types of vessels we offer all possibly required accessories, to include differential pressure equipment, sensors, sample probe items, mechanical elements


FAUDI Aviation product quality benefits from constantly being tested at our own Test Rig, which is the largest, most modern civil Aviation Fuel Test Rig of its kind. We are dedicated to constant research and development and conduct testing according to International Standards for Aviation Fuel of the API/EI (IP).

Our Newest Product: AFGUARD®

The AFGUARD® free water sensor rounds up the selection of well proven FAUDI Aviation fuel filtration elements. Its' sensor technology reflects the next generation of aviation fuel filtration and monitoring and is an important contribution to aviation safety.

Its' innovative sensor technology meets the advanced demands of today and tomorrow. Proper use will prolong the service life of 2" monitor elements to 3 years. This translates into less maintenance and down time for fuelling vehicles, and is a huge cost saver. Some of the innovative features are:

  • Intrinsically safe
  • Dual channel scattered light turbidity sensor
  • Continuous monitoring of aviation fuel flow
  • Detection/monitoring the performance of filter/water separators & monitors
  • Reduction of faulty areas in aviation fuel filtration
  • AFGUARD® uses a light scattering/light blocking method
  • Very low maintenance
  • Long durability

Train-The-Trainer Seminars

Our seminars are designed to give our customers/end users a technical overview of aviation jet fuel filtration applications. Participants will understand the proper use of aviation fuelling equipment. The training can be conducted either at your company site or at the FAUDI Aviation Test Rig. Train-The-Trainer seminars address those new to the industry as well as staff personnel and managers.


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