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HEDD1 Magneto-Electrostatic Detection Technology

  • HEDD1 Magneto-Electrostatic Detection Technology
  • HEDD1 Magneto-Electrostatic Detection Technology

Airports and aeroplanes have been a key-target for terrorists for decades. Setting-up airport security must therefore be considered one of the most complex security scenarios, as a great multitude of security threats need to be targeted.

Detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) has therefore become one of the major security demands at international airports.

Due to the large amount of passengers and cargo that needs to be controlled simultanuously an immediate classification of threats has to be achieved in order to avoid costly delays.

Especially detection of liquid and multi-component explosives means a big challenge for aviation security requiring advanced detection methods. Conventional detection methods with vapor tracing or imaging methods take often too much time and only allow for spot tests.

HEDD1-Magneto-Electrostatic Detection

The Magneto-Electrostatic Detection of HEDD1 makes it possible to detect even BBIEDs that are inserted into the body (such as the intestine) or are hidden in artifical implants and are almost impossible to detect with conventional methods. This makes HEDD1 a very useful complementary device for any metall detectors or body scanners.

As HEDD1 can detect explosives even on large distances of up to 100 meters, the device is specially helpful also for security measures in cargo or maintenance areas, as large surfaces require need to be checked that require extensive and time consuming checking.

HEDD1- Liquid Explosives Detection

HEDD1 is setting new standards in handheld liquid explosives detection based on its unique patented Magneto-Electrostatic Detection (MED) method, as it forms a modulated Magnetic Field (MMF) that allows immediate detection of all types of commercial and military explosives including liquid explosives within a distance between 2-100 meters behind and through all types of barriers (including concrete, steel etc.).

With HEDD1 the classification of people, objects, areas and cargo can be achieved on the spot, as the device is immediately ready for use without any warm-up time. HEDD1 is maintenance-free and designed for continuous use under all climate conditions. Due to its short-, medium- and long-range detection capabilities, HEDD1 is the perfect complementary tool for all exisiting explosive detection methods, as strategic classification and pro-active measures become possible. Even weapons and ammunition will be detected.

Intelligence - Counter Measures - Physical Protection

With a strong focus to blast protection technologies, unival group has developed an intersecting product portfolio that not only includes explosive detection but also counter measures in form of stationary and mobile digital wideband RCIED jamming to prevent remote activation of explosives. Our jamming devices are fully programmable which allows to specifically set them for protection against all threat scenarios with radio or remote controlled devices.

With our headquarter in Bonn, Germany we additionally develop and manufacture high-end construction security also for the aviation industry, automotive security products, nightvision and thermal imaging devices as well as hightech indoor tracking modules llowing us to customize special security solutions for our customers worldwide.

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