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Multi-sorting Baggage Handling Systems

  • Multi Sorting Baggage Handling System
  • Low Power Baggage Handling System
  • Cross belt Technology For Baggage Handling
  • Airport Baggage Handling

SELEX Elsag spa offers a range of baggage handling solutions developed in different technologies, implementing the entire airport baggage sorting, tracking and monitoring process.

Having acquired its knowledge of the airport process know-how working on contracts for Italy's leading airports, Elsag Datamat now offers its technology and expertise to the international airport market; its solutions comprise:

  • Baggage check-in automation (check-in stations)
  • Handling and management of arriving and departing baggage flows
  • Baggage identification (bar code reading and RFId)
  • HBS (hold baggage screening) – baggage security control system
  • BHS (baggage handling system) – baggage routing for outbound flights
  • EBS (early baggage storing) – storage of baggage checked-in early
  • Baggage reclaim – re-consignment of bags to arriving passengers
  • Track and trace (T&T) – cargo manifest reporting and production

The background of SELEX Elsag relies on more than 40 years of expertise in automatic sorting (from 10g letters to 60kg parcels), experience supplying countrywide supervision, control and tracking systems, system integration skills and turnkey supply expertise for both systems and the buildings that house them.”

MBHS: Automated Multi-sorting Baggage Handling System

The Multi-sorting Baggage Handling System is an innovative top performing handling system featuring a continuous train of carts bearing loading cells and running in a loop, 30° induction lines to load baggage automatically onto the transport system, and unloading stations.

A series of technological innovations and improvements position the product as one of the most advanced and high-performance solutions in its category.

They include:

  • The use of linear synchronous motors to move the train of carts
  • An induction system that ensures a constant and adequate flow of power without requiring sliding contacts, onboard batteries or energy accumulation systems
  • Wireless transfer of control and data signals
  • The use of motor-rollers on cells, eliminating the need for belt transmission mechanisms
  • A distributed control system
  • Rails coated in harmonic steel and high-strength wheels that significantly reduce friction
  • Precise cell test and diagnostic functions

The design and construction features of the MBHS translate into:

  • High throughput
  • Very high reliability
  • Very low power consumption
  • Flexibility and ease of maintenance
  • Low noise level
  • Simple configuration and expansion

The Multi-sorting Baggage Handling System can also dynamically adjust its speed and handling capacity according to changes in traffic during the day. Based on traffic fluctuations at leading airports, we have estimated that a speed reduction in time bands when there is less air traffic can save more than 30% in terms of power consumption, wear and maintenance costs compared with systems that operate at a constant speed.

Each cell has a motorized belt that moves perpendicularly to the direction of the carts. This baggage handling method is known as "Cross-Belt Technology", which ensures optimum transport and handling for all articles, including objects that are fragile, have high friction surfaces or are irregular in shape.

ASC: Active Sorting Carousel

The Active Sorting Carousel is the cost-effective, low-capacity sorting system developed by SELEX Elsag spa. It consists of a flat carousel with pushing devices that sort items to their unloading chutes.

The main technical features of the Active Sorting Carousel are:

  • Continuous conveying surface: suitable for any kind of baggage or parcels; prevents any jamming or damage
  • New concept drive unit
  • Variable speed: different running speeds can be selected
  • Very high reliability: 100% redundancy of key components
  • Easy maintainability: no elements requiring tensioning or lubrication

Active Sorting Carousel is the ideal solution for HBS's and BHS's in regional airports where limited available space usually requires compact solutions.

RFID-ABT: Radio Frequency Identification RFID Systems for Automated Airline Baggage Tracking

The RFID-ABT is an innovative detection station that combines RFID and bar-code technologies to deliver very high baggage identification rate and throughput.

The station consists of a tunnel "wrapped" around a belt conveyor. This circumscribes a space with a uniform and delimited electromagnetic field, so that the baggage RF-Id tag can be read in a targeted and effective way without read/write interference from neighbouring luggage labels.

The system is fitted with sensors to detect baggage presence and position, making it possible to track physical transit precisely along the conveyor; this information is correlated with data captured by antennas and used for detecting the correct sequence of luggage in transit on the conveyor, associating the exact information present on the RFID tag with each item and identifying abnormal situations such as no tag or multiple tags.

The use of RFID-ABT stations ensures that the entire flow of baggage is quickly and thoroughly checked, as well as allowing all handling and sorting operations, from check-in stations to baggage aircraft cargo decks, to be managed automatically in such a way as to minimise manual baggage process costs.

Other electromechanical handling products

The SELEX Elsag spa product catalogue also includes a broad range of handling products:

  • Transport belt conveyors
  • Queuing conveyors
  • Merge conveyors
  • Vertical and horizontal conveyors
  • Pushers
  • Baggage carousels


The SELEX Elsag spa product range also offers comprehensive, integrated solutions to secure critical territorial communications.
Risk analysis and identification of counter-measures, security governance, privacy services, assessment & audit, business continuity planning & disaster recovery and training are all provided as consulting services to implement a protection system with the capabilities to deal with any challenge.

Products include:

  • Video surveillance with automatic real time scene analysis
  • Identity/access control through ID card or biometric recognition
  • Car license plate reading and recording

Management Systems

SELEX Elsag spa designs and develops advanced software systems that can manage the entire baggage flow inside airports and interface with the information systems used by airlines and other airport operators:

  • Transport flow control systems
  • Supervision systems
  • Tracking and tracing systems
  • Flight schedule information systems
  • Modelling and simulation systems
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