Successful API/IP 1581 5th Edition Qualification

Parker Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration Division

Velcon Filters, Inc. announces the successful completion of qualification tests to the "API/IP 1581 Specifications and Qualification Procedures for Aviation Jet Fuel Filter/Separators". These tests qualify our new I-4xxA4 coalescer cartridges and SI-5xx separator cartridges to the latest edition of the specification (Fifth Edition), in Category M100, at flow rates up to 600 USGPM.

This is Velcon's 13th successful completion of the 5th Edition qualification requirements. With this achievement, Velcon is the first filter manufacturer to qualify its DOD-sized coalescer for both "M" & "M100" Categories of the API/IP 1581 5th Edition Specification.

Velcon Filters, LLC. is the leader in the fuel filtration industry. Velcon's high quality filters and filtration systems detect and remove harmful contaminants and water from fuel. Our products are fully tested and qualified to the latest API/ IP standards. We provide personal attention, instant communication and speedy delivery to keep you in the air.


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