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X-Ray Security Training Courses

Increasing requirements in the security sector worldwide and the demand for specialised consultancy, procedures and training resulted in the formation of Renful Premier Technologies. The company is based in the U.K and is engaged in the provision of X-Ray Security Training Courses, Operator Testing, and Recruitment Solutions .

X-Ray Security Training Courses

Renful has independently developed a complete solution to the recruitment, and X-Ray Security Training Courses and testing of X-ray operators, a solution comprising of three modules. The first is PRE-M (Pre-Employment Colour Vision & Testing system), a module that addresses the need to pre-select suitable people for X-ray operation by means of exposure to 8 interactive tests which will assist in the selection of candidates under a variety of criteria.

The second module is TREFOX (Training Essentials for X-ray), which provides the ideal introduction to the newly-recruited operative, supplying all the vital knowledge needed to enable him to commence his duties. Chapters on the nature of X-rays, the features of the X-ray machine, health and safety considerations, the interpretation of X-ray images and a vital introduction to threat object recognition are all included in this interactive CBT programme.

X-Ray Security Operator Testing

Finally, SIMFOX (Threat Image Processor & Training/Testing Simulator for X-ray), is the only programme currently available that allows instructors to create an unlimited succession of bag sessions for X-Ray Security Operator Testing and Training. Staff progress can be continually monitored by means of the range of automatically generated statistical reports created within the program.

All three modules combine to provide the most advanced recruitment profiling, CBT and X-ray training and testing simulation systems currently available on the market.

X-Ray Operator Recruitment Solutions

The company is dedicated to the development and distribution of security software and training applications as well as security equipment for various groups and organisations. Since 1999, the company has provided services to Governments, Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports, Airlines, Security Companies, Business Corporations, Immigration & Police Authorities, Prisons and Parliaments.

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