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RCS Contracting offers runway cleaning and rubber removal services, with one of the most technically advanced equipment and vehicle fleets in the world. With economic, environment-friendly systems and more than 35 years' experience in the industry, RCS offer the following services for airports worldwide:

  • Rubber removal on runways
  • Removal of road markings
  • Cleaning of large-scale surfaces
  • Improvement of surface grip
  • Friction coefficient measurements (including classification)
  • Road and runway oil removal

Airport Runway Cleaning Service

Airport Runway Cleaning

RCS currently operates four ARC1000© - Airport Runway Cleaning vehicles, ONE in Middle East, ONE in Brazil at our daughter company RCS do BRAZIL and two in Europe.

Runway rubber and marking removal services can be carried out in accordance with the specifications of airport operators and can be customized to meet individual requirements.

As a matter of course the deployed staff is familiar with all common safety and conduct rules, so they can avoid any interference with airport processes.

Airport Runway Cleaning ServicesRunway Cleaning: Before and After

Remove Rubber Deposits

Innovative       Environment-Friendly        Economical Safety

In everyday operation the ARC1000© offers impressive performance of up to 1,200 m²/h (average rate) for rubber removal and up to 300 running meter/h (width up to 400 mm) for demarking work. The water consumption is extremely low (less than 2 litres/m²) saving budget and the protecting the environment as well; especially since no chemical or biological additives are needed. Cleaning with water under high pressure is the least abrasive way to remove rubber deposits and runway markings. The superior stability and high efficiency of the ARC1000© are proven at many airports all over the world.

Runway Cleaning Operations

How it Works

In RCS Contracting's runway cleaning operations, road markings and runway rubber deposits are removed purely by pressurised water. Water and residues are reclaimed by suction leaving a clean, dry finish. On the vehicle, all essential components are hydraulically driven. The required power is taken by two sources: First, via the direct auxiliary drive system and second, via a gear, which is built into the drive shaft, with a hydrostatic drive. The 1,000 mm Ø surface cleaner (up to 400 mm Ø for line marking removal), which is located between the first and the second axle, can be lifted up and swivelled back into the chassis within three seconds. In case of an emergency, the vehicle can be driven off the runway within 10 seconds.

Runway Marking RemovalMarking Removal Operations

To ensure that the surface being treated is not damaged, the high pressure system is designed so it can only be activated when the vehicle is actually in motion. Even at the full load (2,750 bar and 30 l/min, at a vehicle speed of 4.8 km/h) the water and debris is entirely sucked off the surface and drawn off into the waste water tank.

Runway MarkingsPaint Marking RemovalRunway Rubber Removal

Moreover RCS-Contracting uses the biggest cleaning device worldwide. Thus the ARC1000© realizes nozzle speeds of more than 450 km/h which protects the surface , whether asphalt or concrete as no continuous water jet affects the runway surface but due to high rotation speed only single water drops strike the surface and remove the rubber deposits without damaging the surface (6 nozzles ea nozzle holder). RCS Contracting meets today‘s demands for environmentally friendly, innovative and economical services.

ARC 1000

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