Phonak Redefines Flying Comfort with Launch of FreeCom Pilot Headsets




Miniaturized communications specialist Phonak Communications offers pilots a new level of comfort with the launch of its FreeCom family of aviation headsets.

FreeCom radio headsets offer professional and amateur pilots unbeatable wearer comfort thanks to their ergonomic custom-molded in-ear shells and feather light system weight.

The vast majority of pilot headsets available today are ear-enclosing muff-style products that are hot, uncomfortable to wear and place tiring pressure on the head,” said Evert Dijkstra, Managing Director of Phonak Communications. “However with FreeCom in the ear a pilot can enjoy total relaxed comfort throughout their entire flight.”

Phonak clinical nylon ear shells fit comfortably in the user’s ear canal without enclosing the outer ear, which means no ear muff-style sweating, itching or pressure around the head. These shells then simply click into the user’s FreeCom system of choice, either with or without built-in hearing protection.

Ultra-Light Boom Microphone Headset

Three different FreeCom headset models are available to suit every user and in-flight environment:

FreeCom 7000

This state-of-the-art boom microphone headset features ‘dynamic’ hearing protection. This measures the surrounding noise level and employs Dynamic Active Noise Reduction (ANR) to automatically reduce in-ear sound to a safe level.

This system also features excellent speech intelligibility, crystal-clear voice transmission and user-adjustable ambient awareness. Such awareness provides natural hearing performance, allowing the FreeCom 7000 user to quickly localize sounds such as warning signals and colleague conversations.

Suits: any flying situation (quiet or loud) in which 100% natural hearing is required.

FreeCom 5000

This ultra-light boom microphone headset includes passive (or ‘static’) hearing protection and is designed for use in the most challenging constant-noise environments.

Suits: noisy aircraft in which constant noise attenuation (sound reduction) is required, such as propeller aircrafts.

FreeCom 3000

This single-sided feather weight headset offers excellent speech intelligibility and crystal clear voice transmission, with its single custom-molded ear shell ensuring a perfect in-ear fit and day-long comfort.

Suits: quieter flying environments such as many jet cockpits and gliders.

All Phonak aviation headsets are available with a choice of connectors to suit every flight deck’s radio system. Every FreeCom model also comes with a 5-year warranty as standard.

Phonak FreeCom headsets are available immediately from selected suppliers in Switzerland and Germany (with other territories due to be launched in the coming months).

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