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Referrals: What clients are saying about Marlborough...

  • "In my experience, Richard is a consummate professional - like "Ronseal", he does "what it says on the tin." Should I have critical senior positions to fill in the future, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in putting my trust in him to do so efficiently and effectively."
    (Airline Board Director)
  • "I must thank you particularly for the professionalism of your approach in what I do appreciate was a very tight timescale. You produced precisely as promised, and it was all very efficient: An excellent field of candidates. Many thanks indeed."
    (Airline Chief Executive)

Airport recruitment

  • "Our decision to retain Marlborough was based on your service and capabilities and we would not hesitate to use you again in the future."
    (Airline Chairman)
  • "As one of Richard's candidates - from a personal perspective I know what a good match he created. The selection and interview process was handled with great discretion, and Richard's personal support and advice during the process and since has been invaluable. Since my arrival at the company we have enjoyed considerable growth in revenues, for which I have to take some of the credit."
    (Airline Chief Executive)
  • "Marlborough's ability to listen to a clients requirements allowed them to present candidates in a very timely manner who were all good applicants" (Airline Non-Executive Director)
  • "Despite the need for confidentiality limiting the search, Richard delivered excellent candidates well within the time frame and maintained exactly the right level of liaison during the process. He provided a high-quality product without fuss and at a fair price. All in all, this was a truly professional service."
    (Airline Chief Executive)

Aviation is a highly-competitive, fast moving industry.

Making the right senior-level appointment, first time, is not easy - accurate selection is critical. Any mistake and it could prove costly.

A lack of time, resources, contacts, or even the opportunity to seek out, interview and select a shortlist from today’s premier aviation-industry executives are common problems faced by many hiring managers.

With a network approaching 10,000 senior–level contacts in the air transport sector, Marlborough is ideally placed to serve as your company’s specialist resource, helping select tomorrow’s aviation leaders, today.

We pride ourselves on a personal approach, swift response times and a thorough and accurate research process. Marlborough has earned the trust of aviation organizations worldwide by providing solutions that are prompt, practical and professional

The result? A shortlist that complies exactly with your requirements – however testing.

Use our knowledge. Profit from our contacts. Gain the competitive edge.

Choose Marlborough: We're exclusively aviation.

Airport recruitmentAirport recruitment

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