Exploring the Range of Pushback Tractors from Falcon Aviation

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Pushback Tractor

Falcon Aviation are able to provide and maintain a wide range of airport pushback tractors. Drawing on their 23 years in the business they can also offer knowledgeable, impartial advice to help you choose the correct tow tractor for your needs.

Pushback tow tractors are an immensely valued piece of ground support equipment and are put to the test every day. They are worked so hard due to the fact they are highly durable and versatile. It is important to match tractor pulling and stopping capabilities to the weight of the aircraft to be moved. Additionally, tractors should be specified for the work they are expected to do. A pushback tractor that is expected to perform push backs only may not be capable of sustained long distance towing for example.

Tug Tow Tractors

Tug Tow TractorA tow tractor used at one airport may well be unsuitable for use at another airport. Weight of equipment to be towed, weather conditions and frequency of use, as well as many other factors dictate what equipment you will require. For this reason the vehicle can be hugely adapted to suit individual specifications. Features such as, towing capacity and range, engine power, turning circle, weather protection, lighting, seating configurations and budget can all be taken into account when specifying tug tow tractors.

Falcon Aviation can also supply either diesel or electrically powered ground support equipment. The wide range of specifications allows you to define a tow tractor that is tailored to your exact needs and will prevent you having to waste funds on equipment you will not want or need.

Airport Ground Support Vehicles

Airport Ground Support VehiclesIn the face of the current economic and environmental situations, the aviation industry is developing, adapting and continuing to grow. Due to this growth, it is predicted that ground support equipment is going to be in much greater demand in the coming years, as older fleets of airport ground support vehicles are renewed and brand new fleets are commissioned. More equipment will be needed to keep turn around times of aircraft at a minimum and working at optimum cost effectiveness. With this in mind it is prudent to invest in ground support equipment that will be reliable and cost effective.

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