Elite Line Services' New Contract at the Tom Bradley International Terminal, LAX.

Elite Line Services

Elite Line Services (ELS) announces the commencement of its Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contract responsibility for the new inline Baggage Handling System (BHS) and Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB) at the recently renovated Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). The BHS is approximately 14,500 linear feet, has 6 claim units, 57 high-speed diverters and 13 Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) integrated into the in-line security system.

Airport Equipment Maintenance Services

ELS, the leader in airport equipment maintenance services, will also maintain 32 PBB, inclusive of the 400 Hz ground power, preconditioned air, potable water and the bridges programmable logic controls. In addition, ELS will assume the maintenance needs for similar equipment requirements at the Bradley West expansion once it has been completed in 2014. The TBIT currently serves approximately 10 million of the 61.5 million passengers that travel annually though LAX. The ELS program has been custom designed from the ground up to improve upon the levels of equipment availability, lower the total cost of maintenance and strengthen overall satisfaction levels of the terminal's customers.  

A spokesperson for TBITEC said, "The ELS transition has been seamless and uneventful.  The Go Team members are knowledgeable and experienced professionals that have been invaluable to the start-up success. The ELS spirit and work ethic that have been displayed is an excellent model for the new program and we have been quickly impressed with the quality and enthusiasm of the ELS site team. On behalf of the airline members of TBITEC, thank you very much for confirming that ELS is the right choice, we can truly say, you have us covered!"

Mike Conner, V.P. & General Manager stated that ELS is honored to have been selected to perform the services at one of the most prestigious and important international gateways in the U.S. Mr. Conner added that with this latest award, ELS now has maintenance programs at 8 of the top 20 busiest airports in North America. ELS sees this as further evidence that the quality and consistency of its maintenance programs are leading the industry in meeting the high service requirements demanded by today's large volume airports.

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