Introduction to Air Cargo Training Course

Cargo Training International

The programme has two elements and may be taken as a single course or each element may be taken separately. The first part concentrates on the basic understanding of the industry (3 days), and the second part of the course (2 days) covers an introduction to rating.

Students undertaking this programme will learn:

  • How to calculate rates and charges
  • How to complete airwaybills in accordance with IATA standards
  • How to make reservations and arrangements for the transport of international cargo by air

The course content covers:

  • IATA geography
  • Cargo requiring special handling
  • The operation of a freight forwarder
  • The airwaybill
  • How to read cargo manuals
  • The operation of airline cargo units
  • Legal requirements
  • An introduction to rating
  • Cargo in-flight operational requirements

The duration of the course is five days.

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