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How many times have you gone through airport security only to be stopped and told that the really expensive perfume that you got for Christmas or the pocket knife your dad gave you for your birthday is not allowed on the flight and it will have to be disposed of?

We have all been there, and frustrating though it is, we have no choice; but now bagport has come up with an ingenious solution - MailandFly.

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MailandFly collection container at aiport security

Find them at security control

If you are flying from London Heathrow or Stansted, Bristol Airport or Stockholm Arlanda you can use bagport's MailandFly collection container, located at security control, to deposit your item.

Just pop your prohibited item in one of the special bags provided and you will be issued with an individual code which works like a tracking number to retrieve your item at a later date.

At this stage you do not have to provide any additional information or decide where you would like it shipped.

Once you arrive at your destination you can log on to the MailandFly website, enter your tracking number and follow the on screen instructions.

The item can be shipped worldwide and the cost is determined by the destination, packaging and a small admin fee as well as the weight and size of the item.

You have up to 42 days to claim back the item from the date it was deposited.

Official MailandFly Website

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