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Stock Images and Aviation Photography

The Heathrow Airport Photo Library has been established for almost 10 years and has become the first stop for airport and aviation stock images.

The library offers generic airport and aviation life photos, including: aircraft, airfield operations, aerial views, air cargo, construction, runways, security search, biometrics, retail, environment and transport.

'Behind the Scenes' Imagery

We are also able to offer exclusive 'behind the scenes' imagery of all LHR's UK airports: Heathrow Airport, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton

In addition, we have a creative section that provides enhanced airport and aviation images to ensure your publications have maximum impact.

Heathrow, Terminal 5B, airside, silhouette of child, view of Terminal 5A, aircraft on stand in background. Photo © BAA LimitedHeathrow Airport Photos

The Heathrow Airport Photo Library offers an exclusive range of images of Heathrow that includes recent developments such as Terminal 5 and the new Heathrow Control Tower designed by the Richard Rogers Partnership.

The content covers all aspects of airport life at one of the world’s busiest international airports from check-in, transport, passengers, border control and security through to more unusual aspects such as the Heathrow animal reception centre.

Heathrow Terminal 5 Photos

Heathrow, Terminal 5A, baggage reclaim hall. Photo © BAA Limited

Heathrow's much-anticipated Terminal 5 opened on 27 March 2008. We have had exclusive access to the Terminal 5 project and hold the most comprehensive collection of Terminal 5 stock images available on the web.

The content covers the history of Terminal 5 from the foundations through to the finished build and more recently the daily operations within the terminal.

Stansted Airport Photos

The library has a creative collection of Stansted Airport stock images. The main terminal building represents an iconic design by Foster + Partners and our photographers have captured that stylish architecture.

Stansted Airport, aerial view of aircraft on stand at satellite. Photo © BAA Limited Stansted Airport, Terminal forecourt at night. Photo © BAA Limited

Facilities continue to be enhanced, a new Stansted Airport bus station has recently been built and the terminal building has been extended twice since it opened in 1991. Stansted is the third busiest UK airport and the hub for a number of European low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair and Easyjet, the library includes Heathrow Airport, Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-600 on taxiway. Photo © BAA Limitedphotos of the low-cost airlines at the airport.

Glasgow Airport and Aberdeen Airport Stock Photos

The library holds images of LHR’s Scottish Airports covering Glasgow Airport images and Aberdeen Airport images. The content includes aerials, airfield operations, control towers, passengers, airport staff and terminal buildings.

Transport Stock Photos

The library holds a variety of transport images other than aircraft, including passenger transport such as cars, buses, coaches and trains (and specifically Heathrow services). Among the remaining transport images there are airfield operations vehicles and the emergency services, such as airport fire service photos.

Aircraft Stock PhotosHeathrow Airport, aerial view of Terminal 5A. Photo © BAA Limited

Our collection has an excellent range of aircraft stock images including aircraft taking-off, landing, in flight and taxiing. In addition to generic aircraft images we cover photos of specific major transatlantic airlines such as British Airways and Virgin as well as the European low-cost airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair. The library also includes cargo aircraft and iconic aircraft photos such as Concorde and the new Airbus A380.

Airport Life Stock Photos

The library covers many aspects of airport life. From images of passengers and airport workers, buses and trains, arrivals and departures, check-in and security, airfield operations and ground crew.

Airport Aerial Stock Photos

The library includes aerial photography of all LHR’s UK airports including both vertical aerial surveys and oblique aerials of Heathrow, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton

For more details about how the library works select the article below entitled “How to use Heathrow Airport Photo Library”

Our photographers have produced some highly creative contemporary airport and aviation images that have helped clients embellish their publications.

The sales team are always happy to discuss your individual requirements by phone or email.

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