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Copybook is among the world's leaders in online business-to-business media, providing news and information in a variety of different industries, which have a global bearing on all of the important issues affecting the world today.

Copybook excels in creating brand-leading, highly targeted online platforms where people from around the world can come together to do business, network and learn. Our vision is to deliver contracts, content, contacts, news, to communities worldwide with the power to transform your business by investing in your products or services.

Our goal is to get our customers new business and, at the same time, to help educate and inform governments and industry leaders as to what new technologies are available to assist them with running their countries and businesses more efficiently and cost effectively no matter what industry sector they are focussing on. We achieve this through providing informative, educational reference websites for governments, top company executives, senior managers, directors and decision-makers.

Our web-sites are constantly updated with the latest features and tools to enable them to be the premier platforms for communication between buyers and selling around the world. We aim to supply any and all information in an easy to digest format covering specific global industries.

We aggregate data from across the web, our customers and even their competitors, to give a fair and balanced view of what is trending at any given time. We have an extensive collection of news, white-papers and galleries, some from customers, some from our production teams.

We have a huge collection of contracts and tenders from across the European Union which we provide on a no-cost basis. Enabling businesses to apply for opportunities that may have previously been out of reach. Twitter has become a part of our suppliers profiles now so we can have up to the minute updates on supplier progress and information.

We were one of the first B2B platforms to offer no cost Video hosting and playback, now an integral part of our platform user experience. We get supplier information and display it in an easy to digest format with a constant eye for ease of use and information access.

We specialise in getting your information, products and services out into the world, by putting your brand in front of as many buyers as possible. We have platform specific twitter feeds, a weekly newsletter covering in part the news, but also a complete listing of new suppliers and their value within a market, a beautifully styled site and by extension supplier profile information. All of your data is stored in a sortable easy to access format, meaning buyers can get at your information and contact details easier than ever before, easy access equals more business opportunities.

A comprehensive article database (fully searchable by site users), the ability to showcase your products with limitless videos, beautiful galleries detailing your services, downloadable documents for future customers, a full information page detailing all of the above for ease of use. There really is no better way to showcase your company and it's offering to the marketplace.



Providing 'Balanced and Fair Opinions': Whether a user or a contractor, our aim is to provide the Internet's most powerful 'one-stop-shop' bringing together buyers, suppliers and the knowledgeable opinions of experts, worldwide. Through sharing the vital knowledge of our associate companies and mission critical information with all the leading industry associations and government bodies, our portals encourage new customers to visit, use, read and understand our clients' proven technologies.

Our platforms get your company new business opportunities, it's that simple.

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